The Drowned God Cult

The Cult of the Drowned God

The drowned god

The Cult of the Drowned God appeared when a group of sea-stranded sailors were found floating in the ocean. When they were rescued by a passing ship, they told their tale.

They were deep sea explorers. Lately, they had been investigating some mysterious ruins deep in the narrow sea. Down deep below the waves, one sailor, tethered to the ship by a breathing hose, found a jade idol with the body of a man and the head of a squid. He quickly brought it up, hoping its value would bring in riches.

That night, a storm so fierce and strange swept in faster than any experienced sailor could explain. Rain and wind and lightning battered the ship; its sails flew away in a fury, its masts snapped, and its siddings ripped away. Still, the boat remained afloat. As the sailors spirits rose from the sturdyness of their ship, they spied something horrible…

They told it like this: off in the distance they spied a gargantuan creature, with black scales and golden glowing eyes, with the body of a man, skin of a fish and head of a squid. Despite the depths of the sea, the creature was wading through the water as if it was shallow. They could barely make it out due to the storm, but they could see its black body, and burning hot eyes; they seemed sad, but fierce. The creature walked to the ship, and with its might, crushed it.

The sailors awoke on a floating piece of the ship, with only the idol and a tattered flag from the depths (seen above). For ten days they drank the sea water, yet they did not die. In their heads, they heard whispers… “That which is dead cannot die, yet in his sunken city even death may die.” and “In his city, the drowned god waits, dreaming…”

They knew what that meant. They had met the drowned god awoken, and he was coming again to claim the lands, and unite them with the sea. He had spared them to deliver his message, and kept them alive with the sea, which kills all else.

The strangeness would not end there. The storm the sailors claimed to have overcome them with sudden speed came again. It swallowed the rescuers’ ship before they knew it was on them. The crew went into the holds to ride it out, and fell to sleep…

When they awoke, they were 2 months North of their previous position. They had traveled far, and none of them had eaten drank or awoke in that period. No one could explain it, except the crazed sailor cult… The drowned god’s storm had swallowed them, but spared them. He would not be so mercyful when he swallowed the lands. Join him or drown forever…

The men chanted the words of their whispers, and began to collect a following; if there are two things in Southron that are so terrible and yet so mysterious that men do not understand and yet fear, they are the gods and the sea.

Upon arriving on the mainland, the cult spread like wildfire. Of one thing they are certain: the drowned god has awoken, and he is coming…

The Drowned God Cult

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