The End of an Age

Welcome to Part Two of the Epic Tale of the Kingdoms of Southron!

Where we left off…

When we last were in the current Kingdoms of Southron, the heroes of the Great War of Southron entered the portal in the depths of the secret lower chambers of the Fortress in the center of the Capital City, and as far as these lands go, were never seen again. That was the beginning of another tale, but this tale is still left unfinished.

During the final years of the war, the citizens grew tired of the death, plague and hell that came with the war. The armies numbers were dwindling, and the War saw no end in sight. At this time, the Chandrian rose from the depths of the sands of guldan with an army of creatures not seen in the lands for thousands of years. To combat this new and terrifying enemy, the city states of Southron united, and with their combined strength, put down the dark army. All that was left to do was chase the Chandrian through time.

As the portal closed behind the heroes, a burst of magic shattered the entire city. Now all of Southron is again left with no unifying leader, though many have risen to the position to vie for the power.

Now each city state has become its own kingdom; and each kingdom has returned licking their wounds. The death tolls are staggering, the soldiers are dwindling, and without a unifying government, the problems multiply. Roads are in shambles and unguarded, farms are unsupported and unprotected, there are multiple currencies circulating causing financial disruptions, and without regulated trade, underground financial organizations out for their own gain are taking advantage of the chaos, and causing more problems for each individual government.

With the military numbers falling apart, governments are turning to mercenary bands to do their official business, which has brought about problems too numerous to count on its own. With new financial and military affiliations rising in power and wealth, City States are not the only ones with an opening to the throne. Will the land of Southron fall to war again, or will someone rise to power to unite the kingdom once more? This is a time where heroes are made, and Kingdoms are forged… or broken.

House Rules/ non D&D style:

Armor Hit Points: 2 per each armor
Death Magic, 1 hit win magic are all Necromancy: slowly kills you off
2 extra skill points and 2 extra class skills (social)
Magic is ILLEGAL in all kingdoms and punishable by death unless sanctioned by the University
No resurrection
0 hit points= unconscious
-1 to -10 you are sure to die, you may speak
Death is very illegal and uncomfortable for anyone to do
Coup de gras: any compromising position goes to hit points
Hit points equals 10 + con modifier, all other “hit points” are stamina
5 foot free step during combat once per round during any turn, may be used to continue attack
No divination, no teleportation, no regeneration, fly lvl 9

The End of an Age

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