Unknown Affiliation

I m watching you dakoda...

Valen Werner?

Little is currently known about this affiliation. After Valen hired the Red Stripe to investigate the death of a man in the Dirt Plot, Uriah had Foxglove tail him. She followed him to a basement, where he announced himself as “Senator Valen” to gain entrance.

Uriah and Faux broke into their hideout and discovered a few letters and a costume not unlike that which Pavel wears. They also found a large woodne symbol (see above). They discovered a Summerbrook Guard tabbard and a letter to the owner (See below). The only known affiliate besides an unknown guard is “Senator Valen.”


There is some suggestion that Pavel has some connection to this organization, but he will not speak any more of it, nor will he deny or confirm the accusations of his involvement with the forger.

Letters Found:

1. “Senator Valen, I will not touch a royal document, I am sorry, but I have morals.”

2. “The forger will not cooperate… kill him (handwriting matches {Valen’s handwriting?})”

3. “He leaves his quarters for lunch, when the guard changes. Take it then…(handwriting matches {Valen’s handwriting?})” This letter was found with the guard tabbard.

The Handwriting of letters 2 and 3 was compared to the first letter found in the forger’s quarters at the Dirt Plot; it seemed to match. Faux believes that the first letter was written by Valen, and that Valen is the author of letters 2 and 3 seen here.

The other letters found in the forger’s quarters at the Dirt Plot looked like Pavel’s handwriting.


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