Those of The Risen Lord

Those Who Follow the Risen Lord

Risen one s symbol

Brother Stanwik, The Risen One

Those who follow the risen lord is a band of farmers, peasants, soldiers and scattered men who’s goal is to convince the realm to end the war. They do this by terrorizing nations who refuse to stop fighting; they raid soldiers camps, burn villages crops and villages to starve armies and remove their supplies, and hang any who do not openly oppose the war, soldier and peasant alike. Their leader is a mysterious man with an unknown origin who goes by the name of Brother Stanwick. It is said that he has been slain many times, and each time he appears alive in another location. This is how he became known as the Risen Lord.

Brother Stanwick was always seen in the front of his battle, which is how he was always came to be “slain.” In the past year, he has all but disappeared. His men still roam the countrysides, but without him leading the charge. They have turned from their preaching against the war, and have become petty bandits. Brother Stanwick is nowhere to be found. Rumors are now circulating that Brother Stanwick lost hope and took his own life, while others say that the Stranger, the Lord of Dragons, had taken his life because he refused to convert to the religion of the one; still others say he was fed to the stranger’s dragon.

Those of The Risen Lord

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