The Religion of the Seven

The Grand Sept

And The
Followers of Seven

Heptagram acute

High Septon Ardent Whyte
High Septon Slynt

Long ago, the deities of the Republic of Southron were the deities of Law, Chaos, Good, Evil and Peace. These were the deities of nature, the deities of balance, the deities that were believed to have created the world that is today. Then, there was free worship of any deity of choice, though the people freely followed the Five. But when the Republic was young, years ago, a new Senator, a free thinker named Arturo Alesandre, challenged the Five, saying they were unfounded and too loose to command any real power. True deities would have better control over their creations, and such chaos within the early Republic must mean that the Five were either dead or gone. Many challenged this with the argument of free will given by the gods, but many also followed Alesandre’s philosophies.
Alesandre believed in seven gods, rather than five. He believed that there was the Father, representing order and law, the Mother, representing family and love, the Warrior, representing justice, warriors, battles and duty, the Smith, representing the craftsmen and busnessmen, the Crone, representing wisdom, the elderly, and magic, the Maid, representing hard work and loyalty, and the Stranger, who represented travel, poverty and chairity towards others, especially those we do not know, and death.
Unfortunately his leadership in the faith caused him to rise to power and join the corrupt heirarchy.
Before Alisandre was removed from his office, he sold his belongings, every thing he owned, including his castle, even his family, and used the money to build the Grand Sept, so that after he was gone and his name tarnished, he would leave something of his original philosophies to be remembered. The magnificent temple did more than that. Compared to the simple temples of the Five, the Grand Sept was so magnificent that the commoners marveled in its beauty (and gold) and converted due to the richness of the Temple.
Many centuries later, The True Democracy, after overthrowing the corrupt senate, adopted this faith as a symbol of a fresh start to a new world. It became the national religion of the Kingdom. When Dominique came to power, to keep control and equal beliefs, she made it a law to follow the seven, and spent a good deal of money to ensure the Seven had the ability to spread the word, and to bedazzle the commoners with their grand temples. Some people of the kingdom still follow the Five.
The current Grand Septon, leader of the faith, is Mikolas Ander. He is a devout follower and very well taught, intelligent man, now at the age of 50.

The Seven:

Symbol: A seven-sided figure on a rainbow background

Alliances: The Southron Reach, The Royal Guard

Enemies: Followers of Five

Type: Temple

Scale: 12

Capital: 24

Criteria for The Seven

Experience= ½ player level
Follower of Seven= +1
Follower of Five= -20
Donate substantial gold to the coffers 5,000= +1
Can Cast Divine Spells= +1
Is a Cleric= +2 (though all are welcome, any non-Clerics may not ascend to any ranking higher than Decan)
Gone on all of the seven Pilgrimages= (total +7, the locations are listed directly below)

The seven Pilgrimages
Grand Sept= +1
Mallistar Castle Cathedral= +1
Dragonstone Isle= +1
Iron Fist Forge= +1
Isle of Faces= +1
Maiden’s Moate= +1
Shrine of the Sea= +1

Knowledge Religion 10 ranks= +5
Served as Clergy for 5 years= +1
Served as Clergy for 10 years= +2
Served as Clergy for 30 years= +2
Served as Clergy for 40 years= +3
(if served as clergy in a different faith, half score, round up)

Rank and Benefits

1-5= Pilgrim

6-10= Apprentice

11-15= Traveling Priest, +2 Diplomacy involving religion or begging, Endurance Feat

16-20= Decan, Begin work in a temple, serving as an altar boy +2 Perform (chant/ritual)

21-25= Septon, Serve High Septon in a temple, perform masses when Septon cannot, +5 knowledge Religion. One Free level 5 or lower Divine Spell a week cast by your high Septon

26-30= High Septon, +1 Caster Level on Divine Spells, +1 on Divine Spell Saving Throws, Is assigned to his own church, and given two Septons and Three Decans to assist

31 or higher= Arch Septon, Highest is Grand Septon +2 on bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate when dealing with members of the faith. Gain one extra spell slot a day, assign to any spell, assigned when spells are prepared. Gain one extra Domain Spell a day of each level, chosen when spells are prepared.

Executive Powers


The Religion of the Seven

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