The Religion of the Five

Follower’s of Five


The old religion of the Southron Republic was known as The Faith of Five. Its deities consisted of Law, Chaos, Good, Evil and Peace. The followers worshiped in nature, as the gods were gods of creation and nature. It is believed that they created the earth and kept balance, order, and the existence of true principles and morals. But when the Senate was young and in a chaotic state, the belief in the five faltered. A man named Arturo, a free thinker, believed in a newer religion, and spread it among the Senate. Many began to follow that religion.
Many centuries later, when the corrupt Senate was overthrown, the True Democracy adopted the new religion not out of disrespect for the old one, but to begin with a fresh start. Many of the Followers of Five took this as an insult. All though the True Democracy’s short reign was destroyed through the mechanisms of Dominique, The religion of the seven remained the national religion, and in addition, the religion of the five was outlawed. The religion is now held in small circles, and by men of nature, not business.
The Grand Druid of the Followers of Five is a man known as Hagi Afi. He is a devout follower, but was a friend of Lord Geoffrey before he died, and therefore keeps peace with the remains of The True Democracy. Many of the lower druids hold this as bad faith, and do not trust their Grand Druid.

The Followers of Five:

Symbol: A brown tree with five branches on a green field

Alliances: The Iron Isles, Maiden’s Moat, The Court of Guldan

Enemies: The Followers of Seven, The Southron Reach, The Royal Guard

Type: Druid’s Circle

Scale: 8

Capital: 6

Criteria of the Five

Experience= ½ character level
Follower of the Five= +1
Follower of the Seven= -30
Is a Druid= +2
Can Cast Divine and Arcane Magic= +2
Can Cast Divine Magic= +1
Can Cast Arcane Magic= +1
10 ranks of Knowledge Nature= +2
10 ranks of Knowledge Religion= +2
Owns no land= +2
Has no title outside the circle= +2
Donates a substantial amount of gold to the circle= +1 per 2k donated (maximum +2 per month, more may be donated but at no extra numerical bonus)
Has found the Fairy Ring= +4
Openly Preaches, and spends majority of time preaching, the faith of the Five= +2
Has converted a Follower of Seven= +1 per convert

Rank and Benifits

1-5= Seedling

6-10= Sage

11-15= Wanderer, +2 Diplomacy involving religion, +2 survival, must wander the land to preach the faith

16-20= Mystic, Begin work in a circle, training under a druid, +2 hit die to animal companion

21-25= Druid, perform ritual of circle magic, 24 hours, fairies assist, location in woods of your choosing, no one can physically enter or exit your circle without your recognition. All healing done in your circle is at maximum effect. Rest only takes four hours and is a perfect rest.

26-30= Arch Druid, +1 Caster Level on all spells, +1 on spell DC’s, may cast heal once per day at character level as caster level

31 or higher= High Druid, Highest is Grand Druid +4 on bluff, Diplomacy, and knowledge nature, +3 hit die of animal companion. Current Grand Druid must recognize you as the High Druid before you gain this title. He chooses among his followers who will replace him, and then goes into exile in nature until death, where he becomes a spirit of the forest, never dying. May enter any Circle freely.

Executive Powers

-Harvest (Knowledge nature check, not appraise)

The Religion of the Five

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