The Red Stripe Mercenary Band

The Red Stripe Mercenary Band

Red stripe

Mercenary Jon
Mercenary Steve
Faux Redevance
Uriah Morgan
Durion Masten

Type: Fighting Company

Scale: 4

Capital: 4 (1600 gold)


A Red Stripe Across a Black Field


Notable Soldiers

Privates: Uriah, Robert, Steve, John
First Privates: Davos
Lieutenants: Faux
First Lieutenants: Kiyas, Aslan
Admiral: Tirion


Experience= ½ level
Fighter= +1
Brings owned gear into the group= +1
Mounted Combat Feats= +1 per feat
Performs a job for the Red Stripe= +1
Fights in a battle as an official job= +2
Intimidate +5= +1
Ride +5= +1
Leadership Feat= +2

Rank an Benifits

3 or less= a nobody

4-10= Private: Room and Board at any Red Stripe Facility, +2 cha skills to any other red stripe

11-15=1st private: Given command of two privates, +1 wooden shield and +1 shortsword, or +1 long bow +2 to spot listen search while on the job

16-20= Lieutenant: Given command of 1st private, may carry unmarked weapons in any city
recognizing Red Stripe, +2 to intimidate while wearing tabard

21-25= 1st Lieutenant: Given Command of 3 Lieutenants, +2 Longsword and +2 Steel Shield or +2 composite Longbow

26-30= Standing Admiral, Executive Powers, War horse

31+= Admiral

Executive Powers:

Raid, Plunder, War

The Red Stripe Mercenary Band

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