The Northern Warders

The Northern Warders

Northern warders

Note: This Affiliation has been officially disbanded

The Northern Warders were an old group of rag-tag rangers who roamed the northern plains defending the lone towns from barbarians, trolls, giants and wild animals. They were officially disbanded at the formation of Northgard, when their leader Leafton Aderondac became King of the North. His warders were brought in to serve as the royal guard. The last known member who was last seen leaving Northgard wearing the colors of the Warders was tirion. He never fully revoked the Warders, making him the sole member. There is no longer any official Northern Warders.

Previous description before the creation of Northgard

The Northern Warders were established after the creation of the New Kingdom of Southron, after the disbanding of the Republic of Southron and the Fall of the Senate, as an unofficial militia to protect all of the Northern Marches. They are comprised of mostly hunters and rangers. They fight with gorilla tactics and use ambushes and the like whenever possible. They are by no means a standing army, and prefer to fight in wooded areas, which is key since most of the North is woodland, other than the Northern Plains, which the Warders tend to stray away from, though recently they have been forced to fight on the turf due to the Barbarians, and are fighting a losing battle. They are strict followers of the five. They have also recently been employed to help Deepshore against the bullying by the Faust Empire. Due to this they have been spread thin. Their leader is a hunter Ranger named Leafton Aderondac. He is a fair faced, young ranger who is very friendly and very charismatic. He is always trying to recruit new rangers.

The Warders:

Symbol: A winged Fleur de Lis on a black field

Goals: To protect the Northern Marches and keep them peaceful

Alliances: The followers of Five, Deepshore, West Port, The Twins, Stoney Shore, Five Points College, Crescent Moon Monestary

Enemies: Faust Empire, Bloodfist Tribe, The Caravan of Shadows

Type: Fighting Company

Scale: 0 (disbanded)

Capital: 0 (disbanded)



Experience= ½ character level
Hunter= 1
Ranger= +1
Druid= +1
Two Weapon Fighting= +1
Bow Feats= +1 per feat
Track= +1
Survival 5= +1
Knowledge Nature 5= +1
Handle Animal 5= +1
Hide 5= +1
Move Silently 5=
Spot 5=+1
Search 5= +1
Can communicate with Animals= +2
Can communicate with Plants= +2
Wildshape= +2
Trackless Step= +2
Animal companion= +1
Performs a Task for the Warders= +1
Is a Runner for Warders= +1
Fights in a battle or ambush with warders= +2 per ambush or fight

3 or less= Friendly

4-10= Initiate

11-15=Private +2 to hide and +2 to move silently in wooded areas

16-20=1st Private +2 spot, listen, search in wooded areas, learn Warder’s Speak

21-25=Captain command 4 privates and a 1st private, +2 to hide and movie silently granted to you and company when in an ambush in wooded area, and first attack of ambush for you receives a bonus 2d6 sneak attack if ambush was successful

26-30=1st Captain May requisition a horse at any time from a warder if necessary, +1 AC when in a wooded area, receive a cloak of elvenkind +5

31+= Lord Ranger Commands all Rangers, Has Executive powers


Shadow War

MEN: 0

The Northern Warders

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