The Knights of the Realm

Knights of the Realm


Note: This affiliation does not result in any reduction of other affiliation scores, nor does membership in other affiliations reduce this affiliation score (non standard affiliation)

Scale: 15

Capital: None (non standard affiliation)

Symbol: Varies from Knight to Knight

The Knights of the Realm is an ancient order formed on the basis of honor to protect the people of the realm regardless of title, religion or fealty. There are no leaders and no heirarchy, but the knights code is ancient and respected, and those who take it are expected by all to honor it.

The knight’s story sung by bards is as important as the knight him or herself. While most of these stories are inflated beyond possible truth, the noble deeds of old are hoped to inspire others from every walk of life to live righteous lives. The power of a story can move people beyond what the truth could ever hope to.

A knight follows the Knights code, which is based on fairness, chivelry and justice. It focuses on fair play, because victory through skilled combat is not only just, but also demonstrates true prowess, rather than deciet, which is not complementary to a just world.

The Knights Oath is as follows:

Chivalry, Justice, Benevolence, Wisdom and Honor… I swear my life to these five truths.

Chivalry, because every individual deserves respect, regardless of their past…

Justice, because we are all equal; one cannot expect of others what they do not first expect of themselves…

Benevolence, because some are blessed, and some are cursed, it is my duty to aid those who are less fortunate…

Wisdom, because the world is shades of grey, and few answers are simple…

Honor, because it is easy to swear an oath, but difficult to uphold it. It is my duty to live the words I speak…

I am a knight, and I serve no man, but I serve the realm. I will be a light in the darkness, and bring justice to all peoples of every nation, great and small. This is my duty, this is my life, this is my code.

While the title commands great respect and honor, not every knight has served the words they have spoken. Many have pledged themselves to other lords and kings, and when their oaths to the nobility came into conflict with their oaths to the realm, many choose nobility. Yet still, many knights remain who honor the oaths they swore, and will carry out their promises regardless of faction.

To be a knight is a great honor, and a great responsibility. Many are called, but few can walk the path to its bitter or glorious ends…

In addition to the knights code, a knight must follow these game rules, or face possible expulsion from the order, as decided by the king of the realm.

  • A knight does not gain flanking bonuses, though they may still provide them to others.
  • A knight never strikes an unprepared, unreadied, or flatfooted opponant. They allow the foe to ready themselves.
  • A knight never deals leathal damage to a helpless foe.

While a knight never breaks their own code, they do not demand others live by it aswell. If they see an ally sneaking around the battlefield, they will not chide them; rather they recognize (perhaps smugly) that the knight’s life is not for everyone.


To increase your affiliation score, you must perform deeds that follow the knights code and/or increase your renown in the kingdom. There is no chart for this one, it is at the DM’s discretion.

Titles and Benifits

4-10: squire +2 influence attitude of knights

11-15: Hedge Knight: +2 Intimidate, Knowledge Nobility class skill, +2 knowledge Nobility, Gain own symbol

16-22: Knight: Gain Title Ser or Lady, May take a Squire, Gain Weapon Prof Bastard Sword, Gain Weapon Focus Bastard Sword, +5 Ride

23-29: Renown Knight: Gain retinue from liege-lord (armorer, stable boy etc…), Gain Weapon Specialization Bastard Sword, Gain Quick Draw Bastard Sword

30: Kingdom Knight: Gain title of Master, Gain Land, +1 BAB, DR 2/- while weilding Bastard Sword

Knights of Interest (of now and of old, met or mentioned so far):
Ser Danyal of Clearwater
Ser Gamlen of Woodhall
Master Lady Diamante Parsavio, Protector of the Innocent and General Do-Gooder
Ser Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers
Ser Walter the Harbinger
Ser Kilhad the Lightning Lord
Good Lady Nephtis

The Knights of the Realm

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