The Guardians of the Word

The Guardians of the Word




Type: Planar (all categories: checks made at ½ scale regardless of whether it is violence, espionage or negotiation).

Scale: 8

Capital: 2

Criteria of the Guardians

Experience= ½ character level
Can Speak the Words of Power= +1
Can Cast Divine Magic= +1
Can Cast Arcane Magic= +1
10 ranks of Knowledge Nature= +2
10 ranks of Knowledge Religion= +2
10 ranks of Knowledge Arcane= +2
Owns no land= +2
Has no title outside the circle= +2
Has hunted down a known magic user (without recognition from a patron deity)= +1 per kill
Has hunted down a known speaker (without affiliation with guardians)= +3 per kill

Rank and Benifits

1-8= Initiate: detect bounty at will

9-14= Hunter: may study a bounty for 1 minute. After study, gain +1 on attacks, damage, and DC of spells/words, +2 survival when pursuing a target

15-20= Inquisitor: +1 to defense and saves vs studied bounty, spell steal 1/day vs studied bounty (spell must be used on bounty or self)

21-25= Divine Medium: Taught one Lesser Name

26-30= Divine Prosecutor: perform ritual of circle magic, 24 hours, location in Divine Location of your choosing (temple, hallowed area, etc); no one can physically enter or exit your circle without your recognition (circle can be ritually dispelled). Inside is an anti-magic field effective against both mortals and deities. Circle is 100ft in diameter.

31+= Divine Justice: Taught one Moderate Name, +2 to DC of names, Executive powers of LAW and EXCOMMUNICATE


31+= Divine Inquisition: Taught one Moderate Name, +2 to DC of names, Executive powers of INQUISITION and ASSASSINATE

Executive Powers


The Guardians of the Word

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