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Shadybrook symbol

Citystate: Stormseye

Symbol: Wagon Wheel

Places of Interest: Coach and Candle Tavern

It is fabled that the town of Shadybrook moves; if you fall asleep during the night, you will awake in the wilderness. This is not so, not anymore at least. The town of Shadybrook is made entirely of wheelhouses; even the tavern is a giant, two story wheelhouse, though it would seem it needs more horses than a man can count to pull it.

Shadybrook was initially a gypsy camp made of displaced wildlings many years ago when the Senate first formed. During this time, it probably did move, especially considering its citizens were mostly outlaws and non-citizens. But after a brief civil battle, the Senate welcomed Shadybrook into the kingdom and gave all if its residents a pardon. But this was 1000 years ago. While the culture is still a free thinking, care-free culture, the town is more permenant. Houses continue to be built as wheelhouses simply out of tradition. The truth about the tavern is that it is no wheelhouse at all. It is built on stilts with fake wheels attached, for the sake of tradition.

The people of Shadybrook are a care free people. They live life one day at a time, and while they pay taxes, they live as separated from kingdom-culture as possible. When one is looking for a good time, to pass through merrily, or to simply disappear, Shadybrook is the place to live the rest of your days a drunken merry fool, and no one will judge you for it.

Recently, a giant egg mysteriously appeared in the town square during the night. While the town rarely sleeps, it is mostly drunk in the wee hours of the morning, so no one recalls how it got there. When a caravan of strangers, mercenaries and Northmen passed through, a farmer with them took interest in the egg. When he left the town, the egg was gone, but a dragon rested on his shoulder…


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