Northgard is the new Kingdom of the North, created at the begining of The Great Southron War buy the Northern Warders, who felt that the North was forgotten by the Southron Reach to begin with. Leafton Aderondiac, a charasmatic woodsman, was elected King by his people, though as a leader, he has done little to earn that title. The kingdom is instead ruled by his butler Higgins, but each town in the Kingdom rules its own. At the creation of the kingdom, the Warders were disbanded, and the men were taken as offifical guards of the kingdom.

The growth of Northgard was aided in large part by a midget named Roono Punder and his associate Aust, who was a Warder himself. Roono was an intelligent man in the works of trade, being a free trader from the wealthy city of Guldan. He established a wine trade, using a vinyard town in the North known as Valleytown to create a buisness in the harvest of crop and the brewing of wine. This trade brought a great deal of money into Northgard.

Aust helped establish the official military of Northgard, taking the group of rag-tag woodsmen and turning them into a disciplined force. He also used the money from Valleytown to pay for better weapons and armor. It was also his wisdom to build a forge in the city, so that eventually Northgard could create its own equipment. Roono worked with him to establish a good trade with Miningdale to the North, so that Northgard had an ample supply of ore.

Northgard is defended in part by the great river that cuts the land in two, seperating the Reach from the Northern plains. In addition, it has allowed limited practice in the magicks, which is aided by the fact that the Five Points University is on their territory. Northgard has also allied themselves with the Twins and Deepshore, and sends them men to defend their territories from the Iron Isles as part of the bargin.

Northgard has declared its neutrality in the Great War, as well as all future wars for the crown of Southron. They are people of the North, and would like to refrain from the politics of the Reach. Being a Northern Kingdom, it has revoked the Seven and established itself as a kingdom of the Five.

Symbol: A tower on a brown field

TYPE: Government

Allies: The Five, Deepshore, the Twins, Westport, Summerbrook

Enemies: The Southron Reach, Bybridge, The Seven, The Iron Isles, The Bloodfist Tribe



Experience= ½ character level
Is knighted= +2
Has a grand title= +2
Owns land= +2
Is a citizen= +1
Was born in the region= +1
Does a Diplomatic mission for the lord= +2 per mission
Does a Combative mission for the lord= +2 per mission
Overthrow’s an enemy affiliation, keep, city or state= +8
Turns in a criminal of the land= +1 per criminal
Marries into Affiliation= +2
Has Family in Affiliation= +2

1-3= no affiliation
4-8= citizen of area
9-12= Minor duties (tax collector for instance) gains an income of 10 gold a week

13-18= Medium Duties (District Magistrate, Mayor) 25 gold a week, gain a servant, a mediocre quality residence, +2 Gather information in the Affiliation

19-24= Major Duties (Lord, Baron or other of one of the affiliation Tracts) 50 gold a week, Travel with impunity in allied lands, +2 bluff, intimidate, diplomacy in affiliation or allied lands

25-30= High Noble Title and Land (Count, Viscount, Lord Baron) – Gains Leadership as a Feat, +2 sense motive, gain income of 75 gold a week from taxes

31+= Sits on the council as an advisor, +4 Diplomacy in foreign affairs, +2 Bluff, May call in favors, dm discretion. May call on Honor Guard (EL 12) May borrow one 10,000 value item per week from affiliation stores, may claim audience with rival affiliations leaders 150 gold a week






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