Iron Isles

The Iron Isles

And the Empire of Faust

Iron isles

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The Faust Empire on the Iron Isles is a joint Communist Monarchy in which the people own equal shares but the King maintains control. The King is granted this privilege on the understanding that he or she will rule only to keep the kingdom fair and balanced.

The Kingdom was formed long ago by a Pirate’s guild lead by a Pirate King named Berserk. The pirates followed a strict code of “equal work for equal share.” Upon the Pirate King’s death, his lords feuded over his title and lands. An old, stubborn, angry Pirate named Josef Faust, armed with a fleet of his own, easily defeated the other pirates, and claimed the kingship and land for himself. He was a man of order, and in the place of the pirating guild he established a government.

Crystal Bay is a cold desolate bay filled with rocky islands; it gets its name from the crystal glaciers that haunt its waters, spelling doom for unwary ships. The “Empire” too is like the bay, cold and stubborn, like its founder. Leadership has passed from father to son since the beginning, the entire family a bit crack-brained; every child has been named Josef Faust.

At the time of the formation of the Republic of Southron, the Empire refused to join and waged war. Their power was in the sea, and the Republic’s power was on land, so the war stood still. The empire was shunned by Southron, and so began to falter, as they could not fully sustain themselves on their rocky icy land. The Fausts finally gave in, but were treated with disdain because of their stubbornness. When the republic broke, the Faust Empire was quick to reclaim its independence, yet still depended on the mainland.

To gain what they needed, the Empire began pirating seaside towns for supplies. Life on the crystal bay is tough, and supplies are low, as is the list of allies. Only Deepshore, a seaside city-state, allies with the Iron Isles city-state, and only to prevent any unwanted aggression.
The Faust Empire boasts the strongest fleet in the seas, known as the crystal fleet, giving it +2 violence checks when using the fleet.


SYMBOL: A Gold Kraken on a Black Field

ALLIES: Deepshore, Followers of Five

ENEMIES: Southron Reach, Royal Guard, Sandbar Sailors, Guldan, Fallen Republic

TYPE: Government

SCALE: 10 (+2 violence check by sea)


Titles and Benifits:

Experience= ½ character level
Base Attack Bonus of 5 or higher= +2
5 or more ranks of profession sailor= +2
5 or more ranks in profession captain= +2
5 or more ranks in profession shipwright= +2
Can cast Control Weather or similar effect= +5
Storm Lord Prestige Class= +5
Has own ship to add to the Crystal Fleet= +6
Sails on a successful raid with the Crystal Fleet= +4 per raid
Disobeys captain= -10 and flogging
Destroys a ship due to poor captaining= -50 and marooned

1-3= No affiliation

4-10= able bodied seaman, the Crystal Fleet recognizes your talent

11-20= Crystal Fleet Sailor, sails with the Crystal Fleet, +2 balance, tumble, climb. Weapon proficiency: firearms

21-29= Captain, You are given a ship in the Fleet to captain. +4 profession captain, +1 to hit, +1 damage while in the fleet

30+= Admiral, you are given charge of three ships, (100 x your affiliation score) plunder from your three ships is awarded to you.

Executive Powers:


Iron Isles

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