Deepshore symbol

Deepshore is a newer government established by the Faust Empire to gain a foothold on the mainland. It was first taken at the fall of the Republic, but one year later, the citizens, angered by the control of foreign leadership, revolted, and took the government for their own. The leader of the revolt was a bard named Guy Et Faux, who, though is not very intelligent, used his charismatic charm to reach the top. He now governs the land with a council of farmers, smiths, tradesmen and fishermen, and is governing unstably. On top of that, they are working hard to keep peace with the Faust Empire so as not to provoke raids and plundering by their nearby former owners. The Twins see this town as an easy target for more land.


SYMBOL: A fish on a hook

ALLIES: Iron Isles, Followers of Seven

ENEMIES: The Twins

TYPE: Government



Experience= ½ character level
Is knighted= +2
Has a grand title= +2
Owns land= +2
Is a citizen= +1
Was born in the region= +1
Does a Diplomatic mission for the lord= +2 per mission
Does a Combative mission for the lord= +2 per mission
Overthrow’s an enemy affiliation, keep, city or state= +8
Turns in a criminal of the land= +1 per criminal
Marries into Affiliation= +2
Has Family in Affiliation= +2

1-3= no affiliation
4-8= citizen of area
9-12= Minor duties (tax collector for instance) gains an income of 10 gold a week

13-18= Medium Duties (District Magistrate, Mayor) 25 gold a week, gain a servant, a mediocre quality residence, +2 Gather information in the Affiliation

19-24= Major Duties (Lord, Baron or other of one of the affiliation Tracts) 50 gold a week, Travel with impunity in allied lands, +2 bluff, intimidate, diplomacy in affiliation or allied lands

25-30= High Noble Title and Land (Count, Viscount, Lord Baron) – Gains Leadership as a Feat, +2 sense motive, gain income of 75 gold a week from taxes

31+= Sits on the council as an advisor, +4 Diplomacy when in the Reach, +2 Bluff, May call in favors, dm discretion. May call on Honor Guard (EL 12) May borrow one 10,000 value item per week from affiliation stores, may claim audience with rival affiliations leaders 150 gold a week






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