Bybridge was the capital of the slave trade before the Republic outlawed it. Its people are free thinking but quick to anger and drop alliances on minor insults. They are unfriendly to any who are not their allies, and only trade with their closest friends. This hurts their economy as it is a big trade city-state. Word is that they still run an underground trade organization with Guldan.

Their leader is Martin Ratcliff, a high held noble man who is unfriendly to those he feels are below him, which is nearly everyone, seeing as he is not a trusting man. He was recently killed on his own throne, turned on by the very slaves who guarded him.

Bybridge has now fallen to the Crusade of the Seven, and belongs to the rule of the High Septon himself.


SYMBOL: A stone bridge on a silver field

ALLIANCES: Rosehollow, Guldan, Sandbar Sailors

ENEMIES: Storms Eye, Summerbrook, Northgard

TYPE: government



Experience= ½ character level
Is knighted= +2
Has a grand title= +2
Owns land= +2
Is a citizen= +1
Was born in the region= +1
Does a Diplomatic mission for the lord= +2 per mission
Does a Combative mission for the lord= +2 per mission
Overthrow’s an enemy affiliation, keep, city or state= +8
Turns in a criminal of the land= +1 per criminal
Marries into Affiliation= +2
Has Family in Affiliation= +2

1-3= no affiliation
4-8= citizen of area
9-12= Minor duties (tax collector for instance) gains an income of 25 gold a week

13-18= Medium Duties (District Magistrate, Mayor) 50 gold a week, gain a servant, a mediocre quality residence, +2 Gather information in the Affiliation

19-24= Major Duties (Lord, Baron or other of one of the affiliation Tracts) 75 gold a week, Travel with impunity in allied lands, +4 bluff, diplomacy, intimidate in affiliation or allied lands

25-30= High Noble Title and Land (Count, Viscount, Lord Baron) – Gains Leadership as a Feat, +4 sense motive, gain income of 250 gold a week from taxes

31+= Sits on the council as an advisor, +4 Diplomacy when in the Reach, +2 Bluff, May call in favors, dm discretion. May call on Honor Guard (EL 12) May borrow one 15,000 value item per week from affiliation stores, may claim audience with rival affiliations leaders 375 gold a week




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