The End of an Age

A siege within a siege...

It’s funny the sort of people you run into at bars. You have the sleepy drunk, who passes out into his drink (then his friends decide to stick his hand in water to see if he pisses his pants…. he did). You have the romantic drunk, who tries to kiss everyone in sight (my for a lady you have a very scratchy beard) and then proceeds to get punched in the face (Hubert didn’t liked to be called a lady). And finally you have the angry drunk. Annnnd, bingo. Found my man.

Robert wasn’t hard to find. Find a bar with the Seven. Two key words, if my leads are correct about Robert, he is known to oppose the Seven (like any good man of the North) and he is fond of bars (like any good man of the North). Oh that guard is getting quite angry at his pompous friend there…. and… ooo…. not good… that was not a good idea there, pompous friend…… perhaps, I shall wait…. if my leads are correct about Robert, he’ll smooth things over. And if not, he’ll try and smooth things over and then return for a drink ………….my leads are never wrong.

“Sit, Piper. Your prey will always come to you.” Bless the Five, why did Dad have to be right? Alright, Piper, breathe. Your leads are never wrong.

Northmen are funny creatures. Their homeland holds their hand where ever they may travel. The respect northmen have for the North is like no other. Even though some may have grown up in Northgard and Valley Town or clear out in Springdale and Deepshore, Northmen are from the North. And protecting it is ingrained in their hearts. Westros is hurting, and thus so is the North. We must heal her. But first we must rid her of the evil trying to take her over: The Seven.

Robert was a good choice. A Northman who loves the North and hates the Seven. I can trust him.

So… Bybridge is under siege by the very people who hold it? This does not make sense. Those men I saw out in the woods wore Rainbow cloaks. Robert and I need to check that out.

Piper you’re an idiot. Any good hunter would know an ambush was likely. And Robert is no mouse. Strong as an ox, and just as big. And there lies your problem. He’s as big as an ox. Idiot… idiot…idiot. And if he dies, it’s your head. Not only did you kill an ambassador of Leafton’s, you just killed the only hope of ever proving Dad wrong. You better shoot like hell.

Robert is freakishly strong. My leads are never wrong. This is good. This is very good! And the Seven is not attacking the Seven as we thought. It seems these rich men are funding this outside group…. however, to assault such a big camp by ourselves would be suicide. Let us return and regroup.

Davo's Journal Entry 15
A Ruined City and the Destruction of an Age

This will be a long entry. I find it hard to wrap my head around our latest discovery. This is something that can start a new age if unleashed, that affects so many lives beyond just mine… I know it’s selfish, thinking of myself in this situation, but everything I’ve done and everything I’ve worked for since I was a child has come crashing down around my head with the reading of just a few pages of just one book… But, I overreach. It is my place to serve, and I must see to the duty laid before me. The chronicling of this must be continued. I left off last time on the road from Storms eye.

I was pleased to see the Squire Eddard and our fierce Robert (Lord Robert? Lord? It’s hard to think that he has any royal blood in him, but Stannis conceded as much, as I spoke of before… He doesn’t seem to have taken it to mind, though. Perhaps that is for the best.) keeping themselves sharp, sparing with their knight and men respectively. Eddard almost bested the Prince, but for a few cunning moves that ended the match when the Prince needed it most. Robert seemed to take a while to learn what I’d been trying to explain to him about the training of unsullied. They are removed of the ability to feel pain through sorceries and potions that I am not knowledgeable of, and I am very happy to be ignorant of how to make a man lame in such a way. To rob them of pain is to rob them of pleasure.

It was not a terribly long journey to Manticor, where we met up with the fabled leader of our Red Stripe, Tyrion. He seemed in bad shape, though his actions and holding denied it. His face had a great festering wound, given to him by some barbarian of the north. If he had let me, I might have been able to tend it, but I admit that it looked out of my meager healing limits. With time, though, perhaps… Anyway. I digress again. Our leader restocked us, and saw us on our way to Justicar, the ruined city. We found very quickly that the road beyond Manticor, no longer under the protection of Stannis’ watchful and dutiful eye, was much more perilous. We took losses when attacked by follows to the seven, mostly to Roberts group. I did not, myself, see much of the battle, as I prefer to keep to the wagons and train. Not for fear, of course, the gods watch… They… No. I simply do not fear. I am just best used there to care for those hurt on the road, and to keep a watchful eye on the stores of rations. Those traveling with us, and even some of our own troops can sometimes become greedy and try to take more than their share.

These large battles, though, the aftermath makes it easy to guess what happened. So many men struck down by arrows, most unsullied, in the same spot.. They were ambushed, and swiftly. I am told Eddard led the charge along with Faux that put the attacks to running, in a grand show of valor and intelligence. He did not let himself get swept away with passion and lust for revenge on his attackers, and could very well have been the reason that we took their fort at all. They captured a few of the fighters, mostly farmers and simple men, who were able to tell us the layout of the land, where we could find the fort and what settlements surrounded it. With that knowledge, Robert and Eddard hammered out a plan that worked beautifully. It was simple, and showed to me what character the two had, and what they could be when working together. Robert is bold, willing to take large risk for greater reward. He isn’t without cunning, but he has the ability to allow himself to become too brash. Eddard has a cool head, is able to think quickly and intelligently in heated situations. He is very calculated and noble in his actions. When the two join, a certain steel is forged. They counter the weak points of the other, and compliment the strengths. Faux was unusually quiet during the meeting… I fear sometimes that perhaps she is feeling over her head. Next to such powerful personalities, it is easy to feel that way, and without our friend Uriel to lend her his voice, she seems to let the two men choose the path. While they seem fully capable, Faux has shown me that she has had the mettle to handle hard situations, better than most. I will need to speak with her, mayhap I can give her the confidence to add to these discussions and thus help forge something even greater…

I will do that. Together, and with timely aid from Uriel and Ser Daniel, the fort was taken peaceably, and we were escorted to Justicar by one of her own generals. There, the High Septon Urden met us, and lead us in the climb up the great temple pyramid. At the top, while I was praying, the events that led to ever … changed everything, began. I will need to re-write this sometime soon, for my words now cannot muster the proper reverence, the proper…vastness to convey what happened. With a single blow, Uriel’s champion Jorah Mormont slew High Septon Urden right there, right before the eyes of the Seven. I… Still find myself… Ser Daniel took the corpse and tossed it down the stairs, to fall for as long as it could.. Amidst the carnage, Robert began searching for something, and with the aid of Uriel and Eddard, discovered an apparently not so secret passage that led deep into the temple. That was when we should have known better to delve. But, delve we did, descending into the temple. After hours of downward spiraling, and not enough questioning of Robert, we came to a tomb within the pyramid. We passed statues of hundreds of gods, the Seven among them, all despoiled and desecrated. In the tomb we found a great rock coffin, which inside rested a skeleton of which I could not comprehend. The body was squat, so short, and yet to massively wide. It was as if someone had taken Uriel and mashed him, taken his wide frame and made it moreso, while shortening him equally. It clutched a book and a hammer, both of which Robert eagerly ripped free from it’s clutches. I know my eyes deceived me, but I almost swear the skull’s grin mocked us as we did. Robert offered the book to me to read, and… (The scribbling here is impossible to translate into legible words.)

I find the words hard to come by. The seven… Never existed. They were created to mock the masses, to mock those that follow gods by a spiteful, angry man centuries dead. I know not who offers me the powers I call upon, but I do know that my life has been a lie until that moment. I had followed willingly a lie, and though it is nothing against me to have been tricked, it nonetheless hurts me to discover it. There, on the steps attempting to flee a sound of which we did not know the origin, our order nearly was rent asunder. Robert had been holding back so much information, and had seemed to ready to come to blows over the book. He and Uriel I was certain almost came to blows, whilst I am also certain that he was mere moments away from putting me down as well, so long as I denied him the book. I don’t know what to think of this. He seemed honest in his reasons for wanting to be the one holding onto the book, but to have allowed us to get so far without explaining himself, or how he found the information. That is a difficult medicine to swallow. Eddard holds it now, while we all attempt to fathom what has happened since that moment. We walked out of the pyramid almost in a daze. At least, I felt that way, so numb that even the sight of the great Kracken sigil did not draw from me much surprise or concern. It appears that two from Faux’s and Uriel’s past survived, Mistress Asha and Master Gendry.

Justicar is now controlled by the Isles, allied with Northguard and the Red Stripe. Uriel seems to have lost his mind, I have lost the gods I knew, and even Robert seems to be retreating farther and farther from us that I don’t even know if he can be trusted in the least. We are shattered, but not yet destroyed. With Stannis’s blessing, we follow another direction from our worrisome Lord Robert Baratheon and his hidden reasons, and make our way for the Isles in the East, the apparent birthplace of the Stranger…

Help us, Gods that truly be. There must be.

The Fall of Bybridge and the Rise of the Drowned God
A city loses a king while a cult gains power

“Put an arrow in the ground next to her horse.”

The archer did as I commanded as I called out a challenge to the rider with a band of slave soldiers behind her. Much to my relief, the rider was none other than Faux, and as I quickly realized, she was fleeing from the battle at the city gates. I met up with Robert who was only a few yards behind her with his own group of soldiers. Faux insisted that we needed to leave with all haste. An army was coming. A strong army. We all mounted up and fled the city as quickly as we could. Men fell at our sides as archers picked them off from the walls. Bybridge had fallen.

Luckily, we all made it down to the docks, where Faux and Robert told me that a ship awaited us. The captain looked at our group and asked where the rest were. He had been expecting 500 slaves with us. I can’t imagine what Faux and Robert have been up to these past weeks that I have been unconscious that they have arranged all this. I might have expected as much from Robert, though. Regardless, we boarded the ship and set underway for Storm’s Eye. Robert and I intended to continue our mission to pledge Northgarde’s neutrality to the southern kingdoms or whatever they call themselves now.

The journey progressed without incident for six weeks. We had just come out of a storm when we saw a small raft with several men floating on the water. We were leagues from any type of land and these men all appeared to be haggard, draped in rags with what looked like seaweed in their hair. We instructed the captain to maneuver the ship towards them so we might rescue them. When we hailed them, at first they did not respond. When we continued to yell, finally they looked up and seemed to notice us for the first time. We cast down a rope to them to haul them on board but they hesitated. Not until one of them had soaked the rope with seawater saying something about blessing it did they begin to climb.

Once on board, conditions only grew stranger. The men insisted that they were killed and saved by a giant monster, one they referred to as “the drowned god”. They had a small statue with them carved out of jade in the likeness of the monster or god or being or whatever they wanted to call it. Davos was able to confirm for us that he has read something about immensely powerful beings in ages past that slept beneath the ocean. I don’t really believe much of what they men said. They claimed to have been unconscious for 10 days at sea and spent another 10 days drinking seawater. Anyone living near a coast knows that to drink seawater instead of fresh water is an invitation for death. These men were clearly delirious and crazed by their time at sea.

That night, though, something strange happened to us. A storm swept upon us seemingly out of nowhere. The clouds moved quicker than I thought possible and a raging storm overtook us. We all sought shelter below decks and eventually tried to sleep through the storm. When we woke the next day, the waters were calm but the coast was strange. An unknown city was visible in the distance. According to the captain who judged by the stars (at my insistence), overnight we had traveled what should have taken us three months. I cannot make any sense of this, only that perhaps the crazed men we found put us under some sleeping spell. It would not surprise me that they practiced magics.

After consulting with Ser Daniel, we made for shore to resupply at the city and find out where we were. Upon entering the harbor, we learned that this was in fact Storm’s Eye. We were immediately taken prisoner inside the city and made to wait for an audience with the King. Two days later we were summoned to speak. I rejoined with Robert and Faux in the throne room where Stannis Baratheon “greeted” us. Truly, I have never seen a man so stoic as he is. The surprises did not end there. After a short conversation, we learned that Pavel was here and that Stannis supported Pavel’s claim to the throne. Not only had Pavel won over Stannis and the swords sworn to Storm’s Eye, but we met a new face. Sendu Kan, a prince of Gul’Dan had joined Pavel in his quest for the throne.

I made a decision then. Sendu Kan was a knight. I had been away from the knight who squired me for many years at this point and I knew that Leafton was never going to be a true knight like I wanted to be. Sendu Kan offered to take me as his squire and speed up my ascension among the knighthood. I accepted, thinking that I did not have much of a choice at this point. So now I serve the North on this diplomatic mission but also I serve the Kingdom in the search for a united rule. I serve the people by hoping to bring peace and end the constant struggles.

Pavel made us an offer. We are to travel to Justicar, continuing on our diplomatic mission. We are to make an offer of peace and lull them into a false sense of security, assuring them of their safety. We are to do all this knowing that, traveling 2 weeks behind us, Pavel’s army of Storm’s Eye soldiers and Gul’Danese soldiers will be waiting to storm the city. Pavel will sweep down and wipe our the opposite, clearing his way to the throne. This underhanded business does not sit well with me, but while standing in Stanni’s throne room, surrounded by guards, it becomes hard to say no. We accepted Pavel’s proposition.

That night, Robert found a passage into Pavel’s own quarters. Canis, Robert’s wolf, was able to sniff out a secret compartment in one of Pavel’s chests. Inside we found a vial of what appeared to be poison, wrapped with a favor from the Queen of Summerbrook. It was not clear at that moment, but eventually it dawned upon us the gravity of the situation we had just stumbled into. Earlier in her travels, Faux has assisted the Queen in investigating the death of her husband, eventually accusing the Prince of murdering the King. The Prince was killed during a trial by combat and deemed guilty. The poison used to kill the King was determined to be Black Lotus poison, an incredibly rare but incredibly deadly poison. To find some of the same poison in Pavel’s possession with the Queen’s favor wrapped around it seemed suspicious, indeed. Ser Daniel had a few words to say about the situation, commenting that the only force he knew of that was powerful enough to make someone carry out such an act was love. Pavel and the Queen in love… I cannot begin to fathom what this means for our future.

The last events to transpire in Storm’s Eye were perhaps the most unsettling. As we met in Stannis’ throne room one last time to discuss travel plans with Pavel, suddenly, a man burst through the door. He was dressed in the same fashion as the men we had pulled from the ocean a few days ago. His clothing was rags and there was seaweed sewn into his hair. The man would only say one thing over and over, something about death and dying and all that. As we left the hall, trying to make our way out, more and more of Stannis’ servants emptied into the hallway, all wearing rags with seaweed in their hair. Robert tried to make his way through the hall but by then there were dozens of them, all grabbing at him and trying to pull him down. I saw him try to resist, but a rage took him and he began to lash out. I tried to calm him, but when I saw them begin to attack, I took hold of my sword and tried to make my way to him.

STOP!” A shout from the end of the hall made everyone freeze. Stannis’ voice boomed down the stone walls and brought the chaos to a halt. We told him what was going on, but he seemed less interested in that and more interested in getting us out of his castle. His guards, what few of them remained unchanged, escorted us to our ship and we set out underway, all the while with the disciples of the drowned god staring down at us, telling us that “He is coming. He will destroy the capital city. He is coming.”

I do not know who “he” is or what “he” intends to do, but I know that we must continue. We must carry forth with this plan of Pavel’s. Maybe we can establish some peace afterwards. Maybe with a unified kingdom and one ruler, the realm will see an end to this combat. We can hope.

May the five grant us strength on this journey.

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