Uriah Morgan

It was a simple life..a farm, a family....an attempted murder....

Red Stripe: +7

-1/2 level:2
-1000 dragons:2
-Rich Man:+1
-Secondary Affiliation:-5

Summerbrook: +7
-1/2 level: +2
-Citizenship: +1
-Mission: +2
-Against the Crusade: +2


Early in the morning, the sun has yet to rise, its early spring and there is a slight chill in the air. Uriah is already awoken and dressed, he stands outside his farmhouse smoking from his pipe, enjoying the quiet of the morning. He finishes the pipeweed and walks quietly back into the house to wake up his son, Gavin.
“Wake up boy, it’s time to tend to the fields.”
Throughout the morning Uriah and his son tended to the fields, preparing them for the season ahead, while his wife, Nalia, and daughter, Ebby, worked around the house doing the usual cleaning, maintaining, and meal preparations.
“Go on back in the house son, help your ma and sister out and fix the fence, can’t be havin a broken fence making our farm look like orc shit.”
As the day progressed Uriah grew farther and farther from the farmhouse, tilling and planting and preparing his ample farmland for the season to come. It would be a great harvest this year, and he was even thinking about the things he would buy for his wife, maybe even a lovely dress. They day grew hotter, and the work grew easier and Uriah fell into his own mind with the calm of the work. And then, it happened. A shriek, long and filled with distress, pierced the air. Nalia?! Uriah dropped his hoe and sprinted towards his house, but fear and dread filled him, the house was too far away at this point…what was happening?!
As he drew near to his house, many many minutes from the shriek, Uriah could smell blood, and….what was that, a fragrance from those posh city folk?..What was happening?!
He broke through the back door of his house, and there he saw his children, poor little Ebby, strong young Gavin, laying in a pool of their own blood throats opened from ear to ear. Instantly hot tears began to streak down his face, Nalia, where is she? What happened? A crashing and rumbling sound came from his bedchamber, and he was there in an instant.
The door flung open and he saw it, a man dressed in finer clothes than Uriah had ever seen, sweaty face, one hand holding a dagger to Nalia, the other around her neck, raping his wife.


And then a face, features hardly visible, appeared in the darkness. “Uriah, I understand the Strangeness you must feel right now. I will put you back into your mortal body momentarily, have no fear of that. But….I’ve chosen you, for all the reasons you may never know. I, am the stranger, the…” a hint of anger began to creep into the face’s voice “Unworshiped God….and you, you will spread the knowledge of me, you will make people believe and worship me again. You, Uriah, will create my church, and I’m sorry to do this to you, but events have been put into motion, and it is time for me to act….through you.”

There was that smell again….perfume? The images started flooding back, he was back in his bedchamber. His arms outstretched and his hands, clenched….around the neck of the man who was defiling his wife, squeezing with an unhuman strength. Uriah screamed in rage, dropping the man, presumed lifeless, down to the floor. He turned around…another man, dressed in armor, blood covering his face lay on the floor, clearly not breathing. What was going on?! What has happened?!

Uriah Morgan

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