Sten was a woodsman who lived in a small town north of Summerbrook. He had a family and a good life, though a poor one. The Great War of Southron changed everything. Armies would pass through his home and comandeer his petty belongings for “the good of the Kingdom of Summerbrook.” Wars were waged close to his village, and many times, fighting would erupt in his town square. His family survived, hiding and watching from afar; after all, the soldiers wern’t interested in them. Soldiers were only the peak of the war. Soon, strange abominations, walking deadm began to appear, and marched as if they were an army of their own… this army was not concerned with conquering, only destroying. That is when his town burned, along with his family.

He fled to Summerbrook with the promise of starting over; only he never could start over, simply continue his misery in the slums. His life was miserable, and soon he considered joining his family by taking his life. One night in an ally, he drank till he could not stand, sat against a wall, and used his arrows to cut his wrists. While laying there, ready to die, his life changed. A strange farmer came to him, bandaged his wounds, gave him a gold dragon, and the promise of a new life, a chance to start over. All he needed to do was to follow the stranger and his god…

And follow him he did. The day the Holy Crusade was called, the stranger stood against the high septon and against the war. When the enemy closed in on the farmer, Sten grabbed his bow and stood by the farmers side. He found his new life, and nothing would take it away…



The End of an Age AddamW