Ser Danyal of Clearwater

A Lost Knight Searching for His Cause...

Sigil of Ser Danyal of Clearwater


Ser Danyel of Clearwater, now known to be Ser Danyel Mallister, Knight Commander of the Kingsguard, son of Geoffrey mallister II, brother to Queen Domonique, joined Faux on her travels when she saved him in a drunken barfight. He was wary to trust the group of mismatched travelers, but has grown to like some of them, and to gain the hatered of others.

Ser Danyel may be a knight, but his is jaded and honest. He sees the hypocracy of knighthood and Nobility, but he does not openly shun it (though he does mock it). Instead he lives for himself, playing by the rules of nobility, but scorning them all the way.

He has recently declared his hatred of Pavel. He has given multiple reasons; that his sister was a horrible woman, and when coupled with Jaques, could only produce a monster of a son; that Pavel knows nothing of leadership; that an honest man who doesnt play the game will only lose everything they own. Most importantly, he has revealed that his sister was barren, and therefore Pavel is no true heir. Not only does this mean Pavel has no claim, but it also means that he forged his royal documents, showing once again the false man that he is.

In all of the games he plays, the noble rules he jokingly abides by, there is some semblence of honor in him, perhaps left over from when he was a blind chivelrous fool of a boy. He fights for some sense of good, though he shows it in the strangest ways…


Ser Danyal of Clearwater

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