Robert's Wolf Cannis


Robert met his wolf while saving Ser Gamlen of Woodhall from a hungry pack of wolves. After screaming at it into submission, Robert offered his hand in forgiveness, and the wolf chose to follow him instead of his pack…


hp: 10

Stamina: 62

Speed: 50 ft

Init: 5

BaB: 5

Attack: Bite 1d6

Ac: 19 (13 TOUCH) (15 FLAT)

Fort: 6, Ref: 6, Will: 1

Stats: Str:14 Dex:16 Con: 16 Int: 2 Wis: 12 Cha: 6

Feats: Track, Weapon Focus Bite (+1 attack)

Special Attacks: Trip (free trip attack on hit)

Abilities: Low Light Vision, Scent, Evasion,

Skills: Stealth: 10 Listen: 10 Spot: 8 Survival: 10

Robert's Wolf Cannis

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