Pavel is a flamboyant man of wealth from Port Loams. A little shifty, Pavel has shown himself to be quick and controlled while appearing absent minded. In addition, he is a master of disguise. Either that, or he is really stupid and lucky; With Pavel, it is impossible to tell which.

Pavel first met the party when they saved his ambushed wagon from thieves. He has since payed them a great deal of money to escort him incognito to the citystate of Summerbrook, where he was given permission to explore the royal libraries and records.

After many days in the royal records, Pavel emerged with proof of his claim to the throne; he is the bastard child of Queen Domonique and the once Hand, Jaques, who, upon becoming King, made Pavel a royal heir, being the son of both a King and Queen.

Lady Violet has given full political and military support to Pavel, promising him the aid of Summerbrook in an attempt to unite the kingdoms, be it through politics, or war.

When High Septon Ardent Whyte declared a Holy Crusade to reclaim the realm in the name of the Grand Septon and the Seven, he demanded that Pavel revoke his claim to the throne. When Pavel refused, the entire nation of Summerbrook was declared enemies of the Seven. Pavel in turn rejected the seven, and, due to the rising devoution to the Stranger, raised the banners of Summerbrook in his name. This started a holy civil war in Summerbrook, with those devout followers of the Seven joining Whyte, and those followers of Summerbrook joining Pavel.

Recently, the body of a forger has turned up, and the evidence seems to suggest Pavel had him forge his royal birthrite and then killed him to silence him. This is only one possibility, and others suggest that he is being framed by an underground organization. While it is unclear the circumstances of the situation, Pavel refuses to speak more in depth of the organization or of the forger, and the venom of this rumor is too powerful not to be used for propoganda.



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