Owyn was a small merchant midget from the slums of Summerbrook. He had very little to his name, and little to live for. The only thing he did have was a large debt to a particularly cruel loan shark. His life was miserable and cruel, but all that would change when a stranger, a ragged looking farmer, came to him in the dead of night with hope and a gold dragon.

Owyn heard the word of the stranger, and was given a new life. When the High Septon announced the Holy Crusade to reunite Southron, Owyn found his decision easy. When that same farmer stood up to the church and called the crusade a holy crime, Owyn did what any loyal fanatic to a religion would do; he drew his knife and lept from his cart to the stranger’s side. Now he is a holy criminal, but he has a new reason to live, to serve this strange farmer and his stranger god.



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