Meren Fargo


Meren Fargo was found dead in his room at The Dirt Plot. He had in his room a great deal and variety of scribe’s tools, as well as a collection of books on royalty all by the same author.

A dagger was found under the desk with a piece of fabric matching Pavel’s cape.

3 letters were found in his room, one in his pocket, and two on his desk.


1: This letter was found in Meren’s pocket. It made initial contact with the man asking for his special skills. It asked for a meeting, giving a time and place (at the Dirt Plot). The handwriting was unknown, but was later matched to two letters found in the basement belonging to the unknown affiliation.

2: The secend letter was found on the man’s desk. It thanked the man for his cooperation and suggested a large sum of money to be paid. This letter matched Pavel’s handwriting.

3:The third letter was found on the man’s desk. It praised the man’s brilliant work, saying that it all appeared legitimate and the plan went over perfectly. It requested one last meeting to give full payment (at the Dirt Plot). This letter matched Pavel’s handwriting.


Meren Fargo

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