Mercenary Jon


Jon was a street rat all of his life. When the Great Southron War began following the Queen’s death, he was happy to join the army. His life of crime and poverty was miserable, and the promise of a full belly and a bed was all that he could wish for. But the army was nothing he imagined. As a member of the lowest rank, he was given little equipment and no training, and was sent out into the fields as cannon fodder. He only survived because of his street skills.

When word came that some unknown power from the south had risen and created an army of long dead terrors, Jon decided that this life of false glory was finnished. He took his brother in arms, an apprentice smith named Steve, and fled the army in the dead of night. They did what they could to work their way to the closest city state, Summerbrook. After a short life of crime there, the two were stumbled on by a weary farmer and a brawney woman working for a mercenary guild. This time, the promise of food and a bed came without any catches. As long as they fought they were fed, and they could leave any time. More importantly, these new people were out for coin, and Jon liked coin more than he liked a bed and food…


Mercenary Jon

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