King Martin Ratcliff



Martin Ratcliff is the self-proclaimed King of Bybridge. He is anything if not shady and untrustworthy; his underhanded dealings bringing in a large portion of the city-state’s revenue, as well as…other things…

He has long “abided” by the rules of the kingdom, yet within his own walls, he makes the rules. He was the first lord to declare secession from Southron when the kingdom began to crumble. Immidiately, he revised the laws to make his “tradings” legitemate. The first things he reinstates was child labor, mandatory military service, and, to many citizens pleasure, legal combat-to-the-death in the arena; although slavery is still illigal, he is working on it.

When diplomats from northgard came to treat with him, they used the power he had given them (namely, his seal of admittence that Robert was given to fight in the arena) to take control of the slave fighters he was buying from Guldan. This lead to the Slave’s Uprising, as well as the Battle of the Four Armies in the city; the slaves, the Bybridge army, the Crusade of the Seven, and Pavel’s remaining army of Summerbrook.

Due to the overwhelming numbers of the Crusade, the city eventually fell to the seven. More importantly, the king lies dead in his throne, pierced by the blades of slaves he thought he owned, his own slave guards, led by Robert and Faux.


King Martin Ratcliff

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