High Septon Ardent Whyte


High Septon Ardent Whyte served as the Septon of the famous Grand Sept in Justicar when the Grand Septon was performing other duties. He is a militant leader, professing the faith in the warrior to be of utmost importance. He believes that complete devotion throughout the realm can only be won through use of force.

When the explosion at Justicar devestated the city, the only building to remain standing was the enormous Grand Sept. Ardent Whyte organized a relief effort centralized on the Sept, and while all those seeking aid were given it, they were also forced to join the New Holy Order of the Seven. This holy order is the Seven’s official army. It was disbanded by King Geoffrey Mallister I because he believed religion and war should never meet. Now with complete chaos in the realm, Whyte has used this power to start a holy revolution and has announced the Grand Crusade of the Seven to reclaim the realm and name the Grand Sepon the Holy King, thus establishing the very first theocracy of Southron.

He was recently seen in Summerbrook, where he declared Summerbrook an enemy of the Seven for its own attempt at the throne through Pavel. Pavel responded by naming Summerbrook a nation of the stranger rather than a nation of the seven. Summerbrook has entered a holy civil war, with devouts to the seven joining the Crusade, and devouts to the kingdom joining the Summerbrook army.


High Septon Ardent Whyte

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