At a young age, Gendry showed physical promise as a warrior. Assigned to the Guard role by the government, Gendry was ahead of his peers in all combat skills. He did lack, however, in Command prowess. Though Gendry was good at fighting, he was too nice to be a military leader, so he remained in the guard position instead, being sent to collective combat training. There he met Asha, a married woman, but a woman he loved none the less. After training, Gendry was sent to a farm not far from the main city. He continued to see Asha while serving his duty as a guard on the farm.

During his time at the farm, Gendry became roomates with a indentured-servent farmhand named Euriah. He heard that Euriah was from Southron and was serving a sentence for murder of a noble, but Gendry didn’t care; every man deserves a second chance, and Euriah was an honest worker, and an honest man. He appriciated Euriah’s look on life, and their friendship grew.

Rumors began spreading around the guards that men, supplies and ships were disappearing without record; something uncommon for the strict regimented lifestyle of the Iron Isles. Gendry believed he knew what was beneath all of it, but did not say; all he could do was to tell Gendry that he was in trouble.

One night he had a meeting with Asha arranged, but he knew he would disappear before he had an opportunity to speak with her. He had all reay shared his love interests with Euriah, and so he asked him to go, tell Asha of his plight, and trust in her to find him. The night before the meeting with Asha, as he predicted, he disappeared…



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