Foxglove was the daughter of a famous whore of the Fern of Summerbrook, and like all whores of the Fern, she was given the birthname of a flower, the foxglove lily. Unlike the other whores, however, Foxglove was not named after a flower known for beauty, but for a flower known for its deadly poison. This is because, during her birth, her mother died, and the owner of the Fern saw her as a cursed child responsible for the death of his prized merchandise. She was cast away, at a young age, and from then on, living on her own, did every thing she could to scrape together a living. She did this by doing what she knew best: whoring.

Her life was miserable and in shambles. She was desperate, and like all desperate people of the slums, turned to crime. She was stealthy and quick, but also charismatic. She would sleep with her customers, then rob them blind. This living, while profitable, felt empty. Foxglove was ready to give it all up until one day, when a strange farmer came to her street corner offering her hope and a gold dragon.

When the Holy Crusade was announced, Foxglove revoked any connection with the Seven, and instead chose to follow the strange farmer and his stranger god. She drew her daggers, and started her life over again…



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