Davos Cressen

"I am here, to serve."


Davos Cressen is a man of the Seven, and was thought to be a prodigy by many of his peers and superiors in the church. He was born in Summerbrook, but was recognized for his gift at a young age and taken to Five Points to be trained. He forged his links, the heavy metals around his neck, at a rate that hadn’t been seen in quite some time, and they quickly set to grooming him for Maesterhood in a major city quickly. After Five Points, he was sent back to Summerbrook, to further train for such an appointment, but sadly, he began to develop tendencies that his corrupt High Septon Slynt found less than pleasing.

Davos chafed under the requirement to be paid for service. In his mind, he’d been blessed with the powers and abilities he had not to bring himself or the church monetary or political gain. He was sure he’d been given it to help, wherever he could. He would help beggars, and the poor, offering his powers at no cost, in secret. Sadly, he was often caught, and punished. But, the High Septon never turned him in… Until a day that Davos saw him with a finely dressed individual. Without knowing why, Davos suddenly found himself standing trial. Instead of death, he was given over to the red stripe, to help guide them.

Though it was not what he wanted, Davos took to it. He gave himself over fully to that life, taking happiness from helping them, a gentle voice of wisdom behind the scenes.

Davos Cressen

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