Bryen of the Pricked Thorn


Bryen was a simple barkeep of a hole-in-the-wall tavern called The Pricked Thorn. He made money, enough to keep his buisness going, and buy enough ale to give his customers, as well as drink away his life. For Bryen was an atheist, and as a nobody, he felt life was truely meaningless.

One day, while sitting in his normal daze, fueled by misery and alcohol, a strange farmer came and brought with him a gold dragon. While a gold dragon was a good deal of money, it simply meant he could afford his next order of ale. It seemed useless; now he could get drunk on a better ale, but get drunk all the same. But the stranger brought something else… meaning…

Bryen closed his tavern and opened up an inn and poor house in its stead. Instead of offering mead, he too would offer hope. His establishment was used to house refugees after the fall of Summerbrook to the Seven. He lied then, and declared himself to all of the seven. Perhaps the farmer would hate him for it, but with that little lie, he could live long enough to bring hope, and food, to the now starving city…


Bryen of the Pricked Thorn

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