Brother Stanwik, The Risen One

DEAD (permenantly)


Brother Stanwick was originally Baron Lyonell Mallister. He was hired by Jaques to create a false brotherhood of rebels intent on stopping the war by killing all who were for it, troops and cities alike. In truth, they were killing everyone who was for the war except for the Southron Reach.

During his time with the Brotherhood, Lyonell began to see the terrible truths of war, and forsook his royal name to become Brother Stanwick in truth. He then led his brotherhood to oppose all who supported the war, especially Jaques.

While venturing around Summerbrook (a major contender for the throne during the Great War), Brother Stanwick came across a cave amongst the ruins that litter Southron Fields. Inside he found the bones of a dragon… and something else…. Word spread that he found a new god in those caves, or an old one, who he called “The God of Light,” who was unworshiped, and demanded the restoration of his church.

When he emerged, he was more furious and fervent than ever before. He began to lead his men from the front, and while many had claimed to slay him (The Caravan of Shadows claims that their leader himself used his magicks to blow the man to pieces and then burry him in an unmarked grave), he continued to return again and again, bearing only the scars others had claimed would take his life.

Shortly after the fall of the Capital, Brother Stanwick stopped appearing with his men. Rumors were that he had taken a wound that he could not return from, and that now he walks in the seven hells without a body. His followers, seemingly leaderless, soon turned to petty theft and murder.

What ever happened to him, a year later he appeared one more time. It was only in word alone, as he declared his brotherhood disbanded. It is rumored that the Stranger refused his entrence in the hells, and vomited his soul back to the land, to wander as a spirit. Others claim that the Strangers farmer servent cursed him, stole his magick power, and threw him down. Still others say he is the strange farmer himself, reborn again. Yet all can agree on two things… he has died at least once, and no one has seen him for a long time…


Brother Stanwik, The Risen One

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