Lionel, Baby Dragon

A dragonling born in an age where dragons are a myth...


It has long since believed that the last dragon died at the end of the second age, when the dragon kings were banished to Dragonstone Isle, the monarchy destroyed, and the nation of Southron was born into democracy. While minor drakes and dragon-kin still live in the far reaches of the land, a true dragon has not been seen for a thousand years.

Then, from an origin that no one can tell, a mysterious egg was found in the most unlikely of villages, the gypsy town of Shadybrook. No one had seen who or what had left it, and those who approached it were left with scalds and burns from its intense heat. Only the most unlikely of people, a strange wanderer, lost in his own cause, stumpled across this egg. For reasons that no one could say, he could be near it, he could touch it; and even stranger, it came alive at his will. On that fateful november night, a creature not seen for a millenia came into this world once more. Now rumors spread far and wide, and every man wants a glimpse of the rare treasure, or worse, wants it for their own…

For now, the dragon is weak, and though it grows daily, it is in need of protection. No bigger than a cat, and half of one in weight, the purple wyrmling will bring unknown treasures and dangers to the stranger who was able to command what few in history could.


Lionel, Baby Dragon

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