Like all children born on the Iron Isles, Asha recieved her government assigned work-role at a young age. As a larger than average child, she was assigned to the guard role. During training, she met and fell in love with another guard named Gendry. Unfortunately, she had all ready given her life to another man. Still, she broke government law and continued to see Gendry, even after training was over. Her first position was in the tavern of the main city, where she met Faux.

Faux and Asha soon became friends due to their shared hatred of Aaron, the tavernkeep, whose abuse of power led to his frequent sexual assaults of both women. Asha taught Faux some tricks to even the odds with her assailent.

Through their friendship, Faux discovered Asha’s love of Gendry, and her dillema with her current husband, who was an illigal immagrant from Southron. Faux helped Asha’s husband escape back to Southron, as the marriage between the two was fading.

Shortly after the fall of the Capital of Southron, ships, supplies and gaurds began disapearing during the night. Asha seemed to know where they were going, and that she too would soon disappear, but would not tell Faux what she knew. All that Faux was able to determine was from a note found the night after she went missing; a note about a secret meeting with her love, Gendry.



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