Alister was the hand of the King and Queen of Summerbrook. He was sent there on the reccomendation of the King of Bybridge, though his political background is uncertain. He was accused of aiding in the cover up of Lady Violet’s framing scandal to have her son killed before he would become King. His primary accusation was in the killing of the Black Lotus, a whore who had gained the love interest of the prince, so that the secret of the Black Lotus would remain a suspected poison, rather than a tarnished family name. He was also accused of killing the fake alchemist of the prince, reportedly by the Red Stripe heroes, though the heroes deny it. Who really accused Alister of this is unclear; word spread by rumor, and the source of the rumors is unknown.

Alister was banished by Pavel and Lady Violet, though after being accused of murder of the alchemist, rumor spread that he may be dead, though no mention of at whos hands.



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