The End of an Age

Where Are Your Gods: A Sequel

Piper sat at the window in her room, staring out into the darkness of night, nothing but a candle flickering on the table behind her. “We awakened a god” she mused, “how the hell did we awaken a fucking god?” Piper smiled to herself, half in satisfaction and half in bewilderment. She rubbed her eyes and chuckled. She was so tired, but yet her mind would not let her sleep. This seemed to happen a lot to not only her, but to the rest of her party as well. “I’m sure the others are still awake,” she pondered; however, she wanted, needed, this time alone. She turned to the table and her gaze became fixated on the flickering candle. As the smoke twirled in the air, Piper began to reminiscence on what brought them to this point…

The Guardians of the Word. Life was turned upside down for her because of them. Her memory was already blurring about agreeing to join their ranks. Perhaps that child she shot down affect her more than she realized. But she couldn’t show that, not after seeing Robert’s reaction. One of them had to stay strong, and this time it was her. But now, she had to kill- regardless of age. She was stunned when Robert agreed to join as well. After everything he had told her, or perhaps she is placing what she knew now with what she saw then. Memories were so fickle. However, death was a part of life, and justice had to be served. In order to restore balance, some individuals had to be removed, while other needed to be created (or in this case awakened). As she further pondered, Piper felt glad to of join the Guardians’ ranks. It gave her a purpose to be here, and their philosophy was not far from her own. To be a Northern Warder you had to give your life to protect the North. She expected nothing in return from that duty- no title, no land, and no recognition. Just the want of making it safer for her fellow Northman was enough satisfaction for her. And now, here was a group that did just that- made it safer for all beings to coexist without recognition.

Awaking a god. She couldn’t remember why or even how they stumbled upon that farm. But to find the word of civilization was either luck or fate. Perhaps it was a little of both. Because of Hadrian, she now realized that not all magic users were in it for themselves. That some truly wanted to do some good in the world. It made her job that much more satisfying to help individuals trying to help others.

She rubbed her eyes once more. “I’ve been hanging around Eddard for too long- I’m becoming soft.” She laughed again. She finally understood why Eddard love the law so much. It aided in preserving life. As a hunter she always killed to survive in order to preserve her own life. But now she found a new found respect for the animals she hunted and tracked. “Without their life, my life could not have continued.” Balance was so important in life, and every day that lesson became a little bit clearer to her.

Her thoughts wandered once more to their next task. They awakened one god, but now there were more. The trials and tribulations of finding the 3 words for Erathis was enough, but now they had to find more. Not only find the words- but to find the gods themselves. Hopefully Gavin had some clue about where to go. She noticed him reading intently during their travels. I hope he finds what he is looking for.

Piper heard Robert’s heavy steps coming down the hall. She didn’t realize how late it was getting. She blew out the candle. As she sat in the darkness, she continued to stare at the invisible smoke wafting in the air. Their upcoming journey would be no different than that smoke: it was going to be filled with more twists and be completely at the mercy of the wind.


Love the name! I’m glad to have had such a profound impact on your writing style.

Where Are Your Gods: A Sequel

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