The End of an Age

Where Are Your Gods?

A burning stag, a silver dire wolf, a crow as dark as night and a boy urchin. The most unlikely of heroes. Truly nothing more than common place at first glance. But it seems the weight of the world is indeed resting on their shoulders.

After the complete an udder disbelief of Robert’s death and miraculous fiery rebirth, Piper, Ned and Robert began the long trek back to their homeland: The North. Nothing felt safe and secure anymore. The United Trade Organization held rule in the entire lands. Even the 3 travelers felt at unease with each other. Piper got her Northern Warders back but at what price? Now Eddard analyzed her every move while Robert still had disappoint on his face. But the dream kept them alive. The dream that stole a month of their lives away. The merchant directed the priest to collect 8 baskets of wheat while the mockingbird fetched 5 baskets of mud and 2 baskets of sand. The priest and mockingbird obeyed, each collecting their goods. The wheat bent at the priest. The merchant mixed the mud and sand and ordered the mockingbird to peck out the priest’s throat. As the mockingbird peck, the priest said nothing as blood ran down his throat. The mockingbird flew back to the merchant, only to be crushed in his hands. The silver dire wolf, burning stag and crow as dark as night travelled through the swamps north, only to find a boy urchin raising a dead king in the snow. The dead king mounted the stag, with crow, wolf and urchin in tow, and travelled south in which he slaughtered the merchant_ this dream was not coincidence. This dream meant something and Eddard, Robert and Piper would find out.

Along the road, they fell in line again with Pavel, a friend but ever foe. Pavel had used every single member of the party, but yet, every single member of the party had Pavel to thank for some advancement in their lives. He may be a ruined king, but even ruined kings have connections. Much to the party’s disagreement and disapproval, the trio allowed Pavel to accompany them to Westwarf to find passage on a ship north. It would be the fastest way to figuring out their dream, but it would bear a heavy cost. They would have to be slaves on a ship to slide under the Merchant’s eyesight. No one liked the idea but saw no better options.

Pavel was true to his word. He found passage to the Sandbar Isles as slaves but in reality, they were just cargo. The journey was long. Robert, Eddard and Pavel seemed unaffected by the constant motion, but Piper could never grow into her sea legs.

After a few months at sea, the party found themselves on the Sandbar Isles, a pirate’s haven. Upon disembarking, a street urchin, no more than 15, introduced himself to the group. He was immediately distrusted by Pavel and Eddard, which made him that much more intriguing to Robert and Piper. For being a boy of 15 and dressed rather shabbily, he talked as if he ran the Islands. His confidence, or arrogance, preceded him and the group soon realized he may be their golden ticket to the North. After hours of planning, the boy, Gavin as he introduced himself, seemed to have everything in order. The group had a ship of their own, men to steer her (where the heck did Archer come from???), a paperless (and thereby traceless) way out, but all was not quite set. The ship needed cargo other than men, and they needed to find cargo that would appeal the port town of Deepshore. Eddard spoke up saying the North was in desperate need of wood as the Fairy Forest was sacred and would never be used as lumbar. Gavin knew of a shipment arriving that night that would be a perfect cover-up for the group’s escape.

A few minutes pasted midnight the pirate ship docked. Her crew, tired after their journey left the ship minimally guarded. However, the drawbridge was up thus making the boat inaccessible. Gavin stared at the ship, after realizing swimming to it was not a good solution, trying to find a weakness. He asked for some rope, which Robert provided. Strangely he studied the ship, while adjusting the orientation of the rope then asked for both Robert and Ned to hold it and prepare. After Robert and Gavin discussed what would happen, Gavin instructed Piper to cut the rope. All of a sudden the rope became extremely heavy, causing Robert and Eddard to exert a great amount of strength in order to steady it. Gavin was extremely focused and couldn’t even tell the group what to do next. Piper’s crow like eyes spotted that the drawbridge was wavering and noticed that the rope holding it, had miraculously been cut. She had seen magic like this before in the old bandit hideout when Ambrose melted the escape hole shut with the fireplace flickering light. She instructed Ned and Robert to slowly lower the rope, which in turn lowered the drawbridge efficiently and more important, quietly. After dispatching a few of the watchmen, the adventurers made their way to the cargo hold; however, transporting the hold was a stitch in the plan they didn’t quite iron out. After a few attempts to get the wood out quietly, Gavin decided to rip a hole in the hold to get the wood out into the water using the same magic he used with the rope. The plan made sense in theory, but Gavin underestimated where the hold laid within the ship. Instead of being above water, the hold was below. The hold began filling up with water very quickly. As the group frantically tried to seal the hole, Gavin decided to make the hole bigger to sink the ship and gain the cargo. After Piper and Eddard almost drowned, with Robert and Gavin saving them, the wood arose to the shore. After a night that seemed to go awry, something finally went right. Eddard convinced the misplaced pirates to sell the loose cargo to the party and to become part of the crew. The team rested and set sail to Deepshore in the morning.

“Where are your papers?” the weasel like lord asked. As Gavin tried to explain that there were never papers given from Westwarf (a lie to try and cover up where the group actually set sail from), the lord called for reinforcements. Much to the lord’s surprise the reinforcements were none other than the Northern Warder’s 1st private and Ned’s former employer and master, Tieron. A battle ensued. For Eddard’s bravery, Tieron knighted him. For Piper’s mockery, Tieron acknowledged her as leader of the Northern Warders. After a weeklong respite in Deepshore the group left to find Admiral Leafton Adarondac in the Fairy Forest.

Upon reaching the shack, the group found nothing but a note from presumably Leafton saying “Through the swamps.” The group then travelled to the Cresset Moon Monastery only to become more confused as to where their destinies lead them. A woman with a hand as cold as ice explained that the only person ever to go North was a dwarf, a person the height of Gavin and the stature of Robert. However, she warned that the man that went north was not the man he was as he travelled south again. In fact, as he travelled south, she explained that the Seven and the Five were created. They did not exist before this man. After becoming completely dumbfounded by this fact, the group travelled to the end of the monastery. As Gavin approached the northern wall of the monastery, the face of a lizard like creature appeared and split the wall into a doorway leading into the uncharted marshes.

After what seemed like months, the starving and tired team approached a ruined castle. One of the castle walls held three paintings, one of an angelic being who was being praised by people, the next of the angelic being crumpled with the people holding fire and lighting, and finally the angelic being and people living side by side peacefully with a man holding a sword to the air. Upon further investigation of the ruins, a small room was discovered that held the golden emblem, which was emblazoned in the group’s dream, on a wall. It looked like the Northern Warders’ symbol, but with a lizard-like head (a dragon’s head to be exact) instead of a fleur-de-lis. Piper then discovered a very old and moldy card with the emblem that Leafton used to leave around. As the group turned to leave, a group of strange men surrounded them with spears. Their skin was almost green in color and they were covered in moss. They spoke in a strange tongue, but one approached who spoke common as Eddard explained that the group was not there to harm them. They pointed at Piper’s tabard as they exclaimed that she bore the symbol of the South man. The group accompanied the moss men to their ever-moving city, armed with more questions than answers as they delved further into destiny.


Woooooo! Aw yeah! Gonna kill some crannogmen. Gonna kill errything. Awwwwwwwww yeah.

If Eddard does not have a dragon mount by the end of this campaign, he’ll go chaotic evil and kill everyone.

Where Are Your Gods?

Also, I friggin love the title of this post.

Where Are Your Gods?

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